A basic Facebook ads campaign Setup

In this post you'll learn (via screenshots) a basic performance setup fot your ads. The focus is on building a campaign with as little constraints as possible and having clear creatives.

You have a product or service you want to advertise on Facebook but where do you start? Step one is to head over to Ads manager and create a new campaign. This is where you start both Facebook and Instagram ads (you’ll make a decision on where to show your ad later). 

A few quick tips per screen for a basic direct response setup.   

Campaign creation view
Campaign budget view
Pixel view

Select your pixel (read how to set up one) 

Campaign date view



Look-a-like is your best option. 2 ways to create one

  1. Pixel
  2. Upload audience

Learn how here

Campaign audience view

Next step is designing your creative. You’ll read how to set up your creative strategy in the Creative Setup part of the guide. Now we go more in-depth on understanding the setup so you can develop your own competitive edge and set up all sorts of campaigns. You’ll learn about account consolidation, the learning phase, bidding and advertising in a new era (IOS 14.5). 

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