Creative best practices for Facebook and Instagram

Learn from proven creative strategies on Facebook

This overview was designed to help you understand how to come up with creative advertising ideas and test them on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. 

We’ll start with a key focus area for your creatives: mobile optimization. Over 90% of all Facebook and Instagram users are on mobile, so you should design your creatives to be mobile-first. How?

Start with mobile-first best practices:

  1. Video ads should run for 15 seconds or less
  2. Design for sound off
  3. Frame your asset in the right aspect ratio*

Now that your ad is mobile optimized, you can spice it up with creative considerations for driving sales. 

  1.  Static + video works best together, especially for sales-driven campaigns.
  2.  Highlight your brand strategy early. Brand association within three seconds of a video’s start is positively correlated with an increase in brand awareness. 
  3. Showcasing the product or service for most of the video increases conversions.
  4. Get noticed. Being noticed is positively correlated with increased sales.

Okay, you’ve followed the steps above. Now how can you measure your creative success and test other creative variations?

  1. ​​Ad diagnostics. Use the ad relevance diagnostics tool to see how your ads are performing in the auction and troubleshoot poor performance.
  2. Video creative. Use the video performance card in the Ads Manager to assess view-through rate for video ads.
  3. A/B test. Create a Facebook A/B test to determine the winning creative asset. Setting up a proper A/B test and picking a winner can decrease your CPA by 26%.

How can I identify when it’s time to refresh my creative after launch?

You can identify creative fatigue by using the “delivery” column in the Ads Manager. If you still find it difficult to find strong performance I recommend reading the Facebook creative setup.

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