Creative Setup for Facebook and Instagram ads- the basics

What's the best way to setup your creative strategy on Facebook?

We have covered a lot on the optimal setup of a campaign, as this is the foundation of your advertising strategy. But the real differentiator is your ad creatives. Before we dive into best practices for ad creatives, here are a few Facebook resources you can use for inspiration. Did you know that 56% of your sales increase from digital advertising can be attributed to the quality of the creative?

Where can I get creative inspiration? Check out Facebook’s Ad Library. The ad library provides advertising transparency by offering a comprehensive, searchable collection of all ads currently running across all of Facebook’s apps and services, including Instagram. You can use this to check out what advertisers in your category are using to attract customers. 

For more inspiration, check here. And if you’re running direct response campaigns, you can get some creative inspiration here.

In this chapter, we will go over the following elements of advertising creatives: 

  1. The basics 
  2. Creative best practices
  3. A guide to refreshing creatives
  4. A practical guide to building, ideating and testing your ads on Facebook.

 What works best:

  • Static image and video assets work best together. Static images in combination with video campaigns achieved higher results than static image-only campaigns.
  • Have a clear message and focal point for your static creative. Static image assets need to have a clear message and focal point, honing in on the product or service being advertised to inspire action. Product-focused creatives drive business results more efficiently, generating more content views most of the time versus creatives without a clear product focus.
  • Optimize performance video ads for mobile viewing. Videos that contain strong brand association and product showcasing perform better as performance videos are correlated with a higher conversion rate.

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