Guide to refreshing creatives on Facebook

Learn about how refreshing creatives for Facebook is an important factor of your sucess.

I hope the Facebook creative best practices helped you get started. Let’s dive a little deeper into identifying creative fatigue and refreshing your creatives on Facebook.

Refresh your creative using these three steps

1) Evaluate creative fatigue

2) Review your targeting strategy and audience saturation

3) Remix your creative using Facebook’s tools, and if needed, adjust the current creative.

Evaluating creative fatigue

1. Analyze your campaign’s ROAS.

2. Focus on three core metrics at the ad level: Quality Ranking, Frequency, and CPM. Keep an eye out for any large drops in CTR week over week.

3. At around a six to seven campaign frequency, you may be due for a creative swap, but it varies based on audience, product, and, of course, the quality/entertainment value of the ad.

4. For retargeting, keep your audience saturation in mind, especially if you’re using the same creative and targeting over a long time period.

5. When launching an entirely new creative strategy, consider whether or not you want to pause the old creative or launch a new campaign. Assets added to campaigns may not get as many impressions as the pre-existing creative.

6. If delivery does not improve and that audience has seen similar ads for a while, you can either (1) use Facebook’s tools to build new ads, (2) explore a new audience, and/or (3) bid higher to reach new people in the existing audience.

Facebook tools for refreshing creatives:

Use Facebook’s easy-to-use guides and top recommended apps to make great mobile ads.

This feature automatically delivers high-performing combinations of ad formats and copy to your audience. Dynamic Creative accepts up to ten images/videos, and five of each text asset (body, title, description, CTA).    

The Video Creation Toolkit allows you to make a quick creative change by switching your format from single image to a video or slideshow using one of twelve templates.

Combine single images to create a carousel format.

With a website product catalog, you can automatically promote your entire inventory of products to the most relevant audience in a dynamic slideshow format.

Feature a hero video/image with four images set below. Customers who tap more will seamlessly be taken to a fast-loading fullscreen experience.

Tactics to combat creative fatigue

  • Diversify ad formats in your ad sets by including different types/formats of ads. We recommend three to six ads per ad set.
  • Expand audiences. Broaden your lookalike, interest-based, and custom audiences to expand the reach of your creative. 
  • Use asset customization for placements. Customize your ad to best match the audience behavior on each placement and aspect ratios by using different crops within the Ads Manager.

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