How are Facebook ads different from Television ads?

In this post you are going to learn the two big differences between Facebook and Television advertising (data driven and automated targeting) ads and the two similarities between the two (immersive video ads, latent intent).

Television ads and Facebook ads are both mass media advertising. With Television you can target certain demographics by contextually putting your ad in between certain television programs which are tailored to a specific audience. Also you’re able to target geographically. When advertising on Television you need to create a very compelling ad to trigger any latent intent by the viewer to create a desired action (buying your brand of diapers when visiting the supermarket). This is pretty similar to the latent intent aspect of Facebook ads. But lucky for us Facebook is helping out in ways the television wouldn't be able to. It actually has models to understand the intent of the user. It ‘knows’ if someone is a frequent online shopper, if someone has done searches on the internet related to your product and what people with similar profiles are doing on the web with regards to brands. What Facebook advertising can learn from Television advertisers is the way they use creatives. Television has no algorithms that support any targeting and timing; it all has to come from one very compelling piece of creative or communication. The process of coming up with creative concepts is explained later in the Creative Setup chapter. 

Television Ads vs Facebook Ads

  • Similar: immersive video ads, latent intent.
  • Different: data driven and automated targeting. Learning phase is very important with Facebook advertising.

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